Karin Walters

Karin Walters

Hi there - my name is Karin Walters. I teach Active Birth with Yoga, Couple's Courses, Motherhood Gatherings and I also offer Pregnancy massage and Zero Balancing. I joined Doula UK in June 2015 and have gone through a mentored recognition proces which has been very exiting for me - it has been so wonderful supporting couples during labour and I feel it has really enriched my teaching.

I attended Active Birth Classes during my first pregnancy and found it immensely helpful. I had an enjoyable first pregnancy and a long but natural water birth at Honiton Maternity Unit in August 1996. I found the active birth so helpful and felt so empowered by the birth that I decided that I just had to pass that information on to other couples. I started the training and qualified as a Doula in 1998 and as a Natural Active Birth and Parenting (NAPAB) teacher in 1999. By this time my second son had been born in August 1999 - a much shorter and beautiful home birth. I started teaching classes in Exeter in January 2001 and to this day continue to feel passionate about teaching these techniques.

I am a qualified nurse, now retired, and have worked in various areas of nursing for 13 years. I qualified as a Massage Therapist in 1993 and as a Zero Balancer in 1998. Together with my husband, Richard, I run The Natural Health Practice on Spicer Road in Exeter. Since qualifying with NAPAB I have done further training with Jean Sutton in Optimal Foetal Positioning and in the Rebozo Technique as well as attended numerous workshops and seminars with Michel Odent, Gail Tully, Mary Cronk, Suzanne Colson, Jane Mackarness and other leading specialists in the maternity field. I have also attended "Yoga for Pregnancy", "Wise Woman" and "Teaching Active Birth" at The Active Birth Centre in London and I am authorised by Janet Balaskas to teach her Active Birth workshop, which is FEDANT approved.

Richard and I have over the years developed and are now teaching Zero Balancing in Pregnancy to other qualified Zero Balancers. Zero Balancing is a wonderful therapy for supporting women through the whole process of conception, pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery.

I continue to learn and grow on a professional, personal and spiritual level and I have been committed to practising yoga since 2003 which gives me great inspiration - I see it as absolutely essential for my own well being. I am originally from Denmark and have lived in Devon since 1992.