baby positioning

Baby Positioning and Bio-mechanics

There is much more to baby positioning than whether your baby is head up or head down!

During labour your baby will need to rotate and descend in order for labour to progress. In fact a large part of your labour is devoted to your baby’s rotation. For some babies that can take longer than others, which is usually due to your baby’s position in the pelvis. A baby that is struggling to find the optimal position may cause labour to slow down and potentially cause you more discomfort.

These techniques can be used in pregnancy and labour to optimise your baby’s chance of easier rotation and hence have the potential to shorten and ease your labour, especially if you’re hoping to avoid medical intervention during the birth of your baby.

These techniques are highly recommended for ALL pregnant women in preparation for birth and include myofascial release, rebozo, biomechanics and much more. The techniques are easy to learn and very effective for babies in breech or back-to-back positions, but generally beneficial for all mums to be as part of your birth preparation toolkit. It’s helpful to attend the sessions with your partner so that they have the skills to support you in pregnancy and during labour, but if that isn’t possible please do come alone.

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I have been using these skills over many years as an Active Birth teacher and Doula and have seen first-hand the positive results that can be achieved. I’ve trained with Molly O’Brien of Biomechanics for Birth, Gail Tully of Spinning Babies, and I’ve also trained in Pelvic Myofascial release with Emma Gilmore of The School of Bodywork.

You can book a one hour session for a known malposition such as breech or back to back, or a two hour session as part of your birth preparation toolkit. Please contact me before booking so we can decide which is the best option to suit your needs

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baby positioning
baby positioning

A little feedback

We were very fortunate to have the support of Patricia during our pregnancy. We particularly liked the practical and evidence based approach and her boundless wisdom and warmth were very much appreciated. It gave me faith in my ability to give birth naturally with little or no medical intervention."