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The birth of Bryn

It's taken me a while to get to the computer and write this - but I think you understand how it all goes. I am amazed how little sleep I seem to be able to function on!

So Mr Bryn Stuart Matthews was born in the RD&E on Saturday 17th January which already makes him 6 weeks old! The labour was beginning as I went to bed on Friday - though it hadn't yet got to clear contractions with a beginning and an end - that all started early on Saturday morning. And when we called the hospital we discovered our midwife was going to be working that day - so we were lucky to have her with us for the birth. In fact we met her in the hospital and I agreed for her to do an initial examination finding that I was 2-3cm dilated.

Thinking there may be a long day ahead we decided to go home rather than stay in the hospital, but we also decided that we would return and hopefully use the pool which was free and had our name down for. But actually it turned out that it wasn't a long day and I was only at home for 2-3 hours before the contractions were so strong I thought if I didn't leave I would not be able to go anywhere. During that time at home I made use of lots of the active birth postures - using the ball and trying to move around as well. I also found the chanting brilliant and really got into that as a way to focus my mind through the waves.

On returning to the hospital I consented to another examination as I was keen to have an idea of my progress. However I found this incredibly uncomfortable - but perhaps it was worth it because I found that I was already 8cm. So they started filling the pool and I was in by 1pm and Bryn was out not long after at 2.40pm. I found the pool really great I could just let the water support my body as I moved around with the pushing contractions which really seemed to take over my body!

That's the story. I felt that the yoga classes made a huge difference - I felt prepared and in some kind of control of the process and I think the whole thing went quicker and better than I had ever expected. So thank you for all that you taught me!

love Emma and little boy Bryn

A little feedback

I decided to have some zero balancing sessions after having had my baby through emergency c-section following a long and difficult labour. The birth experience left me feeling fragile and I struggled to think about it without becoming emotional. I found that Karin's zero balancing session helped me work through this experience. The sessions left me feeling calm and relaxed and after a couple of sessions I felt much stronger in myself, both emotionally and physically. I now also feel much more positive about the birth and able to think about it in a more balanced and measured way.It seems to me that the zero balancing sessions have played a big part in getting me to this point."