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The birth of Florence

Thought you might like to know a few details about how Florence Annie-May arrived. We we were so lucky that everything went well at home without any complications. James and I are of course over the moon with her and the proudest (and probably now the most boring) parents in Exeter. She was born at 4.00am on Tuesday morning and was 6 pounds exactly.

After a delicious curry on Saturday night and some fresh pineapple on Sunday morning, I had a show. It was only small but we were both overcome with excitement. I baked yet more flapjacks and we bought more groceries but nothing happened. I then had stomach cramps on Monday morning and a strange pain took my breath away. Then the cramps gradually went away and again, apart from a few twinges during the day, still nothing.

Then about 5.30 I had a contraction, a much bigger show, and things started. Everything got going quite quickly. James was frantically trying to cook me some food but I wasn't interested. I very quickly just wanted to go upstairs, turn down the lights, put on my relaxing music and switch off. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger quite quickly and I didn't feel like I was getting much respite so my quiet room and long out breaths were keeping me going. Unfortunately I was being sick after each one.... I was desperate for James to put on my tens (if only we had read the intructions first!) and when it was on it was fantastic. I found it a great help during the early hours. As the contractions got stronger, i decided to get in the bath which again felt amazingly soothing. I stayed there for hours....

We were so lucky as my midwife was on duty so it was a huge boost for me when I knew she was on her way about midnight and i think James felt like we needed back up! She said on the phone that she would bring me some gas and air which also made me feel better.

When she arrived, she checked the baby's heart beat when I was in the bath and she also asked if I wanted to be checked. I said yes as she said she could check me in the bath. It was not intrusive at all and I was over the moon to be 9cm. Quite soon after i heard a pop and I was beginning to feel "pushy". I then had a sudden urge to get out, after crying and telling James I couldn't do this any more (transition?!!!).

I went to lean over my ball in the bedroom and I was pleased to finally get a bit of rest. I was still having strong contractions but I didn't feel the need to push any more. After quite a while, the midwives asked what was in my homeopathy kit and we tried a few pills to bring on the contractions again. They also suggested I go up and down the stairs to get things going. It worked and things got going again. She was born at 4.03am and after a brief cry looked straight at me and straight at James with huge wide eyes. I'm sure she knew who we were!

Florence's heart beat had been very steady all the way through and she was very relaxed! The midwives gave her straight to me and she stayed on my tummy for a long time! I realised afterwards that I had completely forgotten about the gas and air and as it turns out, my midwife hadn't even got it out of her car.

I then had a natural third stage. I forgot to mention that throughout all of this, a gentle humming in the early hours had turned to very, (VERY!) noisy long outbreaths. I wouldn't have managed without them!

I feel so so lucky to have had a straightforward birth at home with such supportive midwives. We would not have been so lucky had I not learned SO MUCH from your classes. I felt totally in control the whole time which felt like such a privilege. You are responsible for a great deal! THANK YOU. We are looking forward to introducing her to you. Love Hayley and James xxxxx

A little feedback

I decided to have some zero balancing sessions after having had my baby through emergency c-section following a long and difficult labour. The birth experience left me feeling fragile and I struggled to think about it without becoming emotional. I found that Karin's zero balancing session helped me work through this experience. The sessions left me feeling calm and relaxed and after a couple of sessions I felt much stronger in myself, both emotionally and physically. I now also feel much more positive about the birth and able to think about it in a more balanced and measured way.It seems to me that the zero balancing sessions have played a big part in getting me to this point."