Birthing Awareness 3 step process: relief from birth trauma or fear of birth

Over 30% of women suffer from feelings of trauma after the birth of their baby. The Birthing Awareness 3 step process is highly effective at transforming negative thoughts and feelings associated with a traumatic event.

This process is for anyone who is suffering from emotional distress and anxiety following a birth experience, however long ago, including partner’s who have been affected. It’s also beneficial in reducing fear and apprehension in preparation for your birth.

Using deep relaxation and guided meditation the 3 Step process activates your own ability to heal yourself by enabling you to reframe the feelings and emotions that arise when remembering the traumatic experience, or when thinking about an upcoming birth.

The process is offered over 3 one hour sessions and aims to release you from distressing emotions and memories, so that step by step you can move forward feeling lighter and more at peace.

Further information and booking

I’ve been a passionate advocate for the empowerment of women and families since the birth of my second child in 1999, primarily as a doula and Active Birth teacher. With the increasing numbers of women experiencing traumatic births, it felt only natural to pursue training in this field to provide support and relief in the delicate postnatal period. I’ve been studying birth trauma since 2019, training with Pam England of BSM, Alex Heath TBR and Mark Harris of Birthing awareness.

Sessions take place in person at my treatment room in central Exeter or via video call. The cost for all 3 sessions is £110

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A little feedback

I can't thank Patricia enough for her guidance, support and kindness during my pregnancy, birth and postnatal-ly. She is highly skilled and extremely dedicated - surpassing any level of genuine care that I had expected. She is so rare and I feel very lucky that she has been involved in our journey."