Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth Classes

Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth Classes

‘Birth is a natural physiological process shared by women throughout the ages. Being active in labour means following your own guidance rather than being passively “managed” by others.’

Studies show that Active Births tend to be faster, less painful, and safer for both mother and baby. These weekly classes are about enjoying your pregnancy, focusing on the positives, as well as providing you with the information and practical and physical guidance you need, to build your faith in yourself as a birthing woman.

“Yoga promotes feeling of inner strength, peace and equilibrium, and is the foundation of an Active Pregnancy and Birth”

The experience of pregnancy and childbirth involves major physical and emotional changes.  Practicing yoga in pregnancy will provide you with a valuable resource that will support you whilst you are pregnant by helping you to adjust to the changing needs of your body and by preparing you mentally, physically and spiritually for your journey into motherhood. 

You can attend these classes from 14 weeks of pregnancy. No experience of yoga is necessary; in fact, many women discover the numerous benefits of yoga for the first time during pregnancy.

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About the Classes

Yoga Postures

We practice classical postures, adapted for pregnancy, which will improve postural alignment, increase body awareness, strengthen muscle tone, promote healthy blood flow, reduce fatigue and stress, and help to ease the common complaints of pregnancy, such as back-ache, insomnia, cramps etc. All poses are integrated with breathing and particular attention is focused on positions that encourage optimal foetal positioning and poses that are useful in labour, so that when the time comes you will instinctively adopt the positions that feel right for you. 

Breath work

We use a variety of breathing practices that will deepen your connection to your breath, useful in calming and centering your mind, and bringing you into a closer connection with your self. The breath plays a vital role in reducing anxiety and tension, and is a valuable tool for use in pregnancy and for coping with contractions in labour.

Relaxation and Visualisation

Relaxation will help you to recognise tension and resistance in the mind and body and provide you with tools to help you release unnecessary holding. It has positive benefits on both the nervous and endocrine system. Active relaxation, combined with breath work and meditation induces a state of deep inner peace and tranquility. Practicing relaxation and visualisation will give you the opportunity to connect with your unborn baby, and help you to access your inner strength and wisdom in preparation for the birth of your baby.

Active Birth Preparation

Each week we discuss different aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.
This preparation will give you an understanding of the natural physiological process of birth, and teach you how you can promote the production of key hormones that will enhance your body's natural coping mechanisms in labour and birth. We provide advice on how best to create a birth environment that has a positive impact on the birthing mother. We will provide you with tools to encourage optimal foetal positioning and give you the opportunity to practice positions for labour. We support you in dealing with unexpected issues that may come up during your pregnancy. Breath work, massage and relaxation will help you to focus inwards and enable you to access your inner resources on your journey towards becoming a mother.