Sleep Consultancy

Sleep Consultancy

Sleep is so important for healthy development and general well-being, so it’s no wonder that lack of sleep is one the biggest challenges families face.

A child sleep consultant offers support and strategies to help everyone get a restful and reliable night’s sleep without leaving your little one to cry. Whether your goals are supporting your baby to nap for longer than twenty minutes, or your toddler to fall asleep without needing to hold your hand, there are holistic, gentle solutions that work.

In my consultancy I draw on my baby sleep training with Lyndsey Hookway and BabyEm, as well as my extensive experience in prenatal, postnatal and baby yoga. I’m passionate about helping families to enjoy this special time. I’ll offer you information about realistic expectations for baby sleep and gentle, holistic strategies that will work for your family to create a sleep plan with achievable, measurable goals. You can book an individual sleep support session or come to a baby sleep clinic, where you can meet other parents in a similar situation. I also offer prenatal workshops to help you prepare before the birth.

If you’re thinking of booking a workshop or individual consultation but you’re not sure-get in touch to arrange a free fifteen minute consultation.

Baby sleep clinics

These clinics are a place for you to share your sleep experiences and get some of your questions answered in a caring, supportive environment. Advance booking required.

  • Submit your sleep questions in advance and I’ll address them during the session
  • Learn about the importance of sleep and how much your family needs
  • Discover how you can establish creative nap and bedtime routines for your child
  • Connect with other parents in similar situations and share experiences and ideas

Individual sleep support

  • I’ll ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire about your baby’s sleep habits and routines in advance of the consultation, which will provide me with insights into your unique situation, and allow us to make the most of the consultation time.
  • Prior to the consultation, I’ll prepare a bespoke sleep plan for us to discuss as a starting point.
  • During the consultation we’ll talk about what to expect from your baby’s sleep patterns, your sleep goals, and how to support your child with long term sleep skills. We’ll discuss strategies to help you establish regular and reliable bed-times and naps, and I’ll offer simple relaxation and breathing techniques to support your own precious sleep opportunities. Finally, we’ll look through the sleep plan, and adapt it to suit your family’s needs.
  • Includes three follow-up telephone calls during the first week. These chats typically last about 15 minutes. We’ll talk about how it’s progressing and iron out any issues.
  • I offer an additional month of unlimited e-mail support if needed. We’ll discuss your child’s sleep, and whether the plan is working.
  • Consultations take place on Zoom, by phone call or in your own home depending on your preference and location. Home visits outside the Exeter area are possible, with an added charge for travel.

Prenatal workshops

These workshops will give you an invaluable opportunity to learn about newborn sleep and what to expect before your baby arrives. Advance booking required.

  • A supportive space to consider your personal expectations and preferences
  • Advice on how to nurture healthy sleep habits in your new baby
  • Detailed information about gentle, holistic sleep techniques
  • How newborns tell the difference between day and night
  • Insights into the relationship between feeding and sleeping

Baby Sleep Clinics

Bring your questions on your child’s sleep to a supportive group, where you’ll find guidance on gentle sleep strategies, advice, and shared experiences.

Individual Sleep consultancy

An individual service, designed to meet all your baby’s sleep needs with a gentle and holistic approach.

Prenatal Workshops

Sleep is one of the main challenges of becoming a new parent. Find out about newborn sleep before your baby arrives and discuss how to embed healthy and gentle sleep habits.

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