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The birth of Bella

Bella Amelie Andrews was born on Monday 10th May 2010 exactly 1 week over due.

We feel very lucky that my labour and the birth was the most amazing experience, which I have to thank you for. Thanks to your weekly classes and the couples workshop I approached the experience with confidence in my bodies ability to labour and give birth naturally and that is what happened.

At 10.30 on Sunday night my waters broke prior to my labour starting. We called the Bracken Center and were advised to go in for confirmation that it was the waters that had gone. At this stage I had only had a couple of 'random' contractions but they confirmed that things looked like they were progressing and we should go home until the contractions were consistently 5 mins apart. That happened as soon as I left the hospital, but we stayed at home for a couple of hours before returning at 3.30 to be told I was 5-6cm dilated. I went into the pool at 4.30 which was wonderful, I found the water really soothing, supportive and relaxing. Things progressed well and Bella was born at 10.15 weighing a healthy 8lbs13oz.

I'd like to come in to fill in the gaps and share my birth story with the group soon. Please let me know which week would be good for you.

Thanks again for your guidance, I know that it made a really positive difference to our experience.

Best wishes,
Gabby (David and Bella)

A little feedback

I decided to have some zero balancing sessions after having had my baby through emergency c-section following a long and difficult labour. The birth experience left me feeling fragile and I struggled to think about it without becoming emotional. I found that Karin's zero balancing session helped me work through this experience. The sessions left me feeling calm and relaxed and after a couple of sessions I felt much stronger in myself, both emotionally and physically. I now also feel much more positive about the birth and able to think about it in a more balanced and measured way.It seems to me that the zero balancing sessions have played a big part in getting me to this point."