Couples Birth Preparation

Birth Preparation Evening Workshops

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These workshops provide you with lots of resources for Natural Active Birth and prioritise learning through your body by practicing labour and birth positions, breathing, relaxation, massage etc. so that you don't have to think your way through labour - your body will help you remember what to do.

Workshop 1 – Understanding birth and Optimal Foetal Positioning

In this workshop you will gain a clear understanding of the different stages of labour and how to recognise them. You’ll learn how your baby’s position in the womb impacts on length and progress of labour.

We’ll also be practising birth positions, working out which feel most comfortable and how your partner can best support you in them. We’ll practice techniques to create space in the pelvis and how you can help baby to turn into a more favourable position. We’ll take a close look at the pelvis and understand how movement and gravity help during labour and birth.


  • How the body works in labour, and why you can have confidence in trusting that your body is designed to give birth safely.
  • How to prepare your body to give you the best possible chance of a positive birth.
  • Understanding of what needs to happen during labour so you feel more able to make wise decisions about what is right for you and your baby.
  • To apply Active Birth principles to your pregnancy and labour, whether you choose to give birth at home or in hospital.

Workshop 2 – Coping with Labour

In this workshop you’ll learn powerful and effective pain coping practices using the breath, which will allow you to stay focused and centred in labour, and how your environment impacts on your experience of pain. Your partner will learn how to support you with the breath. Practicing this will help you to discover what does and doesn’t work for you in terms of support. We’ll practice massage, movement, and comfort techniques that can be used in pregnancy and labour, and cover natural and medical pain relief options.


  • How best to support a birthing woman and work as a team during labour and beyond.
  • Creating the best birth environment.
  • Dealing with complications – sometimes labour turns out to be different to what you had hoped for. What to do and how to stay empowered.
  • Bonding and early parenting– welcoming the new baby. How to create the best conditions for bonding to happen naturally and ease the transition into motherhood.

A little feedback

What we learnt on the Birthwise couples workshop set us up for a fantastic birth. We felt in control, well-informed and confident, and couldn’t have wished for a more positive experience. Thank you so much."

Andrea and Phil